Cupping € 25,-
Tuina Massage (per 30 min/per 60 min) € 40,- / € 60,-
Bian Stone Massage (per 30 min/per 60 min) € 40,- / € 60,-
Consultation with intern free
Consultation met Dr. Kemi Cui € 60,-
Acupuncture with Intern € 45,-
Acupuncture with Dr. Kemi Cui € 180,-
Herbs per week € 50,-

For patients who come to Dr. Kemi Cui come with serious illness, we offer packages of 6 treatments for € 330, - (Consult and Acupuncture).

If you purchase 2 packages of 6 treatments (12 treatments) from Dr. Kemi Cui, you get one acupuncture treatment for free.

For existing customers and their friends and family we still use the same price of € 100,- (Consult, Acupuncture and Herbs).

If you take a one-time complete treatment  from Dr. Kemi Cui (consultation and acupuncture excl. herbs) the costs are € 180,- if you choose not to have follow-up treatments with us. The reason for this is because Dr. Kemi Cui takes a lot of time for the first consultation and the adequate treatment.